What is ADHD coaching?

A good sports coach takes raw talent, harnesses its power, and helps a person realise their full potential. ADHD coaching is similar. The things we practice repeatedly become the things we are good at.

But people living with ADHD naturally struggle with executive functioning, including attention control, working memory inhibition and problem solving, impulse control, motivation, and other tools for effective living. As a result, we tend to avoid tasks that require these skills.

A “positive mindset” is encouraged in people living with ADHD, helping to practice the skills that is needed to better control their diagnosis. This looks different in every client, but some common experiences with ADHD coaching include:

  • Helping to develop a schedule and routine for each day. People with ADHD thrive with routine, but they struggle to devise their own healthy schedules. The right coach makes it easier.
  • Setting goals and then devising steps to reach those goals. Setting goals requires breaking things down into manageable steps—an executive functioning skill that can be really difficult if you have ADHD.
  • Providing meaningful feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Some people living with ADHD feel so overwhelmed that they’re not even sure which strategies might help them. We would develop a custom plan for this.
  • Offering support to make healthy decisions, establishing a bedtime routine, and requesting accommodations at work and school.
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You can contact me directly to request a private ADHD clinic assessment. You do not need a referral from your GP.

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